Connect! by CityHeART

Connect! is a peer-led network that aims to provide resources as well as a safe and empowering environment for people to build relationships, set and meet short and long-term goals, and transition into new life journeys. 

WHAT WE DO: We facilitate peer-support groups that empower individuals to incorporate self-care into their daily routines; we also link people in need to the following resources:

  • Hygiene items [all]
  • Household necessities [kitchen items, deodorizers, toilet paper, linens, furniture)
  • Transportation [bus fare]
  • Clothing [gently used and/or new]

Connect! Values


We believe our members are resilient and have a unique set of personal strengths and knowledge.


We believe that connecting with other survivors is a healing and empowering aspect of the journey to recovery. Through community engagement, members and peer-mentors can educate our community and facilitate empathy and action toward positive social change.


We affirm the notion that members with a history of trauma and loss have the capacity to reclaim their lives and identities as they work to attain recovery.


We view recovery as an individualized goal. We provide our members with the skills to form and maintain meaningful relationships. Additionally, we foster community engagement by highlighting that our participants are agentic members who have the capacity to enrich our community and to give back through the Peer-Mentor program.

Donate to Connect! to help us support our community through our peer-led approach to wellness. 

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