12 Days of CityHeART Holiday Giving

What is it?

12 Days of CityHeART is a series of 12 community service projects that take place in the month of December.

Projects include:




HeARTsy Summer Art for Kids!

For a limited time, HeARTsy @CityHeART is offering 90 minute workshops for general and special ed. students Pre-K to 5th grade, as well as K-8 special education students!

Come join us for art, music, introductory yoga, and play! 

Wednesdays 8/2, 8/9, 8/16, 8/23
$20 per session

SESSION A: 9:30-11am
SESSION B: 11:15-12:45pm
*Spaces are limited!* [complete the form once per child]

Reserve Your Spot!**


**Complete the form, and expect further details with payment instructions within 24 hours.





Harvest Partners LB

We are an all-volunteer organization, and we encourage you to volunteer to lead a harvest so that we can continue to grow into a more sustainable, full-time program. Feel free to email harvestpartnerslb@ourcityheart.org for more information or to learn how to help us with this issue.

Current projects:

  • Backyard harvests
  • Farm Stand at Cabrillo Century Villages
  • Feeding Long Beach meal program
  • Pop up harvest exchange

NEW: Harvest Partners LB Caps!

$20 – Harvest Partners LB of CityHeART Cap Unisex

Harvest Partners LB is an all-volunteer program based in Long Beach, California. The program evolved from an entity formerly known as SoCal Harvest, an organization that was founded in January, 2009, to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The name was changed to Harvest Partners LB in late 2016 when it was incorporated by CityHeART, INC.

Support us in our mission to redistribute thousands of pounds of fruit all year long to local food banks, shelters and pantries in Long Beach, providing rescued produce to those in need. With more funding we’ll do more healthy projects in our city! 

Checks can be made payable to City HeART Inc. — Memo: “Harvest Partners LB” — mail to: 2201 E. Willow St Suite D #301 Signal Hill, CA 90755



15492254_10154182207302634_2124416140097917062_nVolunteers will pick your homegrown goodness (typically will take 60-90 minutes) for donation to a local pantry. The majority of the produce we harvest is served to the homeless community via Feeding Long Beach; remaining produce is donated to food banks such as Food Finders and local Long Beach shelters.

If you have a specific shelter or pantry that is close to your heart, let us know — we would love to bring your produce their way!

Invite us to harvest your backyard produce!

[Due to the abundance of fruit harvest requests in Long Beach, please only fill out this form for donating produce if your fruit tree is full and has more than 100 pounds of fruit on it.]

If you prefer to pick your fruit yourself, we can connect you to the shelters and pantries we work with to help make your delivery simpler.

Click here if you are interested in volunteering to harvest with us.

Notes on volunteering with us;

Requests for volunteers will normally be sent out 5-6 days before the harvest. Confirmation emails will be sent 1-3 days prior to the harvest with the exact address, ladder / box needs, what to wear, etc.

Feel free to forward harvesting dates to friends! Each person volunteering must RSVP with their own email and cell number.

NOTE: Harvest Partners LB works primarily in Long Beach, California, and surrounding cities (mainly Lakewood, San Pedro, Los Alamitos, Seal Beach, etc.) Check with us if you are within 10 miles from Long Beach!

Have more questions? Send us a message!

 Donate to Harvest Partners LB to help us provide organic produce to the homeless in our community! 

Contact Harvest Partners LB:

  • Harvest Partners LB of City Heart, INC

2201 E. Willow St. Suite D #301

Signal Hill, CA 90755

Program manager: Allison Slay

THANK YOU for all of your support for our mission to donate thousands of pounds of fruit and produce all year long to local food banks, shelters and pantries in Long Beach, providing fresh healthy produce to those in need.

Consider Giving to CityHeART

Click here to make your tax-deductible donation today!


CityHeART began as a grassroots artist collective in January, 2016. Our goal was simple: tell true stories about the city. As we went out into the community to learn about the topics we wanted to cover (homelessness, human trafficking, addiction, PTSD, sexual assault, etc.), we met people like Jo-Jo, living on the streets of Downtown Long Beach.

Jo-Jo sits for an interview with CityHeART along the LA Riverbed in February, 2016.

We discovered that, of course, Jo-Jo needed food, water, clothing, blankets, toiletry items … but she would also need help finding a job, help finding a rehab program, help filling her soul as well as her stomach so that she could make it all the way through the journey of recovery that she would be walking.

We told Jo-Jo’s story to raise awareness of what she had been through and how she ended up living along the LA Riverbed, but we discovered that telling stories and raising awareness would never be enough — we  wanted to take action on behalf of the stories we told.

So we began building a program that would not only feed the bodies of those in need in Long Beach, but one that would feed their minds and souls as well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Through much collaboration and community partnerships, we have grown into an elaborate community outreach program that ties art to community service. We now have five programs that work side-by-side to “wholeheARTedly love our city and tell its stories.”


Supporting CityHeART means supporting an organization that:

  • Feeds nearly 1500 people per month
  • Clothes approximately 200 people per month
  • Offers free peer-led support groups for those who cannot afford professional mental health care [that offers childcare for parents!]
  • Leads therapeutic art workshops all over the city for folks in recovery, veterans, and people living in affordable housing
  • Brings arts and crafts to disadvantaged children through community events and local shelters
  • Raises awareness of the wide variety of social issues present in our community via original artwork created by local artists — and calls the city to action!

Please make a year-end gift so that we can continue to help the many people in our community struggling with mental health issues like Jo-Jo to make it across the finish line along the road to recovery. Your support of our work inspires men, women, veterans, children, and senior citizens to take the obstacles that life throws at them one day at a time.

Your gift of $50 could offer an art experience for 30 children at a local shelter.

Your gift of $100 could feed 50 people.

Your gift of $150 could offer 6 free peer-led support group sessions for up to 10 battered women as well as child-care for mothers in the group during meetings.

Your gift of $200 could offer a 10-week therapeutic art workshop series to 5 veterans in recovery.

Your gift of $500 could sponsor one family for a month with meals, clothing, child-care, and therapeutic art and support.

Opt to sponsor us with a monthly gift, and receive a hand-made thank-you package from one of the many who will benefit from your generosity!

Click here to make your tax-deductible donation today!