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We couldn’t do it without our donors and sponsors!!


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Lilly’s Legacy generously donates 50 gorgeous amenity kits to our monthly Love Your Neighbor giving project (where we feed and clothe 150 people in one day).
The Urban Farm Agency graciously hosts a monthly art show and wine + chocolate pairing event in Downtown Long Beach, giving us a portion of the art sales as well as allowing us to promote what we do.


Zen Den LBC generously allows CityHeART to utilize its space every Monday night for our weekly meeting for artists to meet, mingle, and create together!
Zen Den LBC generously allows CityHeART to utilize its space every Monday night for our weekly meeting for artists to meet, mingle, and create together!

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Love Your Neighbor!

Love Your Neighbor is our monthly clothing and food drive for the homeless in Long Beach. 

We gather in Bixby Park in the morning on the last Saturday of every month, where our food program, Feeding Long Beach, oversees a sack-lunch assembly of 150+ lunches. All clothing donations can be dropped off at Bixby Park as well!


Lunches are distributed throughout the city — 50 lunches are dropped off at Urban Community Outreach, 50 at the Ronald McDonald House, and 50 at the Long Beach Rescue Mission. Any extra lunches are taken, along with clothing and amenity bags to Lincoln Park for our Walking Closet, which is overseen by our peer-led support group, Connect!

We can’t keep this up without the volunteers and donations that make this event possible.

You may drop off food, clothing, and toiletry donations at the park, or feel free to donate via our GoFundMe to help us continue our monthly assemblies:

HUGE thank you to those of you who come out for this every month!!


HeARTsy by CityHeART

Healing hearts through the arts


Heartsy is a uniquely designed arts-based program seeking to nurture the mind, body, and heart of children and families in the Long Beach Community. Heartsy offers a comprehensive Summer arts program catering to children with special needs using a combination of art expression, instruction, yoga, music and movement, and sensory integration. Additionally, HeARTsy provides free community art services to local organizations and events throughout Long Beach in hopes of addressing social issues and providing healing through art for at-risk and homeless children and adults.

Recurring Events:

  • Last Sunday of the Month: arts and crafts with kids at Urban Community Outreach
    • Interested volunteers should arrive at UCO at noon (send us a message below for location details!)
  • Third Friday of the Month: therapeutic art workshops with kids at Century Villages at Cabrillo
    • Interested volunteers should arrive at CVC at 3:30 p.m. (send us a message below for location details!)

Special Projects:

  • Children’s Resource Fairs at Urban Community Outreach (in partnership with Connect by CityHeART)
    • Under the Sun: April — arts, crafts, and summer giveaways (sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, toys, books, hygiene packs)
    • Back to School: August — arts, crafts, and school supplies/clothing!
    • Christmas: December — arts, crafts, and SANTA CLAUS!
  • Art Walk with The Children’s Clinic
    • Curating an art show and facilitating the children’s fun zone for this annual, community event
  • Art Camps
    • Providing seasonal therapeutic art experiences for kids in need

Donate to HeARTsy and help us “heal hearts through the arts.

Connect! by CityHeART

Connect! is a peer-led network that aims to provide resources as well as a safe and empowering environment for people to build relationships, set and meet short and long-term goals, and transition into new life journeys. 

WHAT WE DO: We facilitate peer-support groups that empower individuals to incorporate self-care into their daily routines; we also link people in need to the following resources:

  • Hygiene items [all]
  • Household necessities [kitchen items, deodorizers, toilet paper, linens, furniture)
  • Transportation [bus fare]
  • Clothing [gently used and/or new]

Connect! Values


We believe our members are resilient and have a unique set of personal strengths and knowledge.


We believe that connecting with other survivors is a healing and empowering aspect of the journey to recovery. Through community engagement, members and peer-mentors can educate our community and facilitate empathy and action toward positive social change.


We affirm the notion that members with a history of trauma and loss have the capacity to reclaim their lives and identities as they work to attain recovery.


We view recovery as an individualized goal. We provide our members with the skills to form and maintain meaningful relationships. Additionally, we foster community engagement by highlighting that our participants are agentic members who have the capacity to enrich our community and to give back through the Peer-Mentor program.

Donate to Connect! to help us support our community through our peer-led approach to wellness. 

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Zero Ground

More details on our housing research program coming soon!!

. Zero Ground .

“The first man who, having enclosed a piece of ground, bethought himself of saying This is mine, and found people simple enough to believe him, was the real founder of civil society. From how many crimes, wars and murders, from how many horrors and misfortunes might not any one have saved mankind, by pulling up the stakes, or filling up the ditch, and crying to his fellows, ‘Beware of listening to this impostor; you are undone if you once forget that the fruits of the earth belong to us all, and the earth itself to nobody.’ ”

Jean Jacques Rousseau, On the Origin of the Inequality of Mankind

Every year, the wage paid for our labor stagnates, the purchasing power of our dollar sinks, and the value of our time is increasingly dictated toward the endless end of just getting by. And every year, the cost of the land beneath our feet — the land all humans need in order to live — inflates.

No matter how productive human society is, no matter how efficient, any new advance — in the way we buy our groceries or drive our cars or communicate with the world — is swallowed up by the one factor of our lives that is never made easier: rent.

This is the struggle for ground. Not just any ground, but the ground that keeps us comfortable within our happiness, the ground that we may point to and call “home,” the ground that the homeless do not have and that the displaced are losing daily. It is a mistake to say they are missing a roof or a window or a sink. Would providing all of this save them? They are losing home. Even as more and more material wealth is gathered in fewer and fewer arms, nothing opens our eyes wider to the inherent unfairness of our institutions than the reality that some have Zero Ground.

Would we tolerate our sisters and brothers drowning, knowing air is needed for life? Ground is also needed. There is not a human activity on Earth that does not require the Earth. Far too many of our neighbors are drowning.

The very root of our inequalities is based in this fact — the one we see at every urban corner and bus-stop bench, but fail to understand: possession of the Earth. Of all the mean dichotomies we observe under the rubric of Economy, the first and final cruelty is that some men are allowed to call ground “mine,” and the rest of us must pay for the privilege.

Zero Ground is dedicated to abolishing this unnecessity. Civil society, and all of its victories and joys, is built on uneven soil. Only in time, as the structure grew, could we see the tilt more clearly. It cannot stand like this another day.

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