Art from Ashes by CityHeART

Art from Ashes by CityHeART began with a vision of bringing art projects to community service projects.

Vision: we aim to raise awareness of various community issues in our city by facilitating art workshops for those experiencing those issues and then creating original artwork for display in our city as a vehicle for telling true stories about community struggles.

CityHeART Auspicious Arts Internship Program:


  • Completion of the application process before beginning any formal work with CityHeART
  • Minimum of 21 years of age
  • High school graduation and at least three semesters of college education or equivalent
  • Certificate of formal CityHeART AusArts leadership training — to be completed before application begins, or after acceptance into the internship program.


  • Formal education/training in a specific art platform
  • Teaching/leadership experience
  • Portfolio included with internship application
  • Schedule flexibility
  • Ability to work with and meet deadlines
  • Positive and cooperative attitude


    An AusArt intern will prepare for and conduct a short-term workshop series in his/her chosen art platform. Workshop placement will be determined by CityHeART and external agencies with whom CityHeART is partnered in accordance with an intern’s social issue of interest.

    Workshops take place once per week for approximately six weeks. An AusArts intern will commit to punctual attendance and participation in each workshop in his/her series.

    In addition to the workshop series portion of the internship, an AusArts intern will attend educational opportunities that will be tied directly to the his/her social issue of choice. An intern will devote 15 hours/week during the workshop series to project development, research and CityHeART participation as designed and outlined in his/her internship contract at the start of his/her internship.

    Upon completion of the art workshop series, an intern will submit a proposal for an art project that fits the social issue he/she has been researching over the course of the workshop series. This proposal, which should include funding details, will be reviewed, refined, and approved by CityHeART, and a reasonable deadline for completion will be set.

    Internships are considered complete once an intern has completed the workshop series and his/ her art project, which may be considered complete upon formal submission and installation in the City of Long Beach.

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HeARTy Foods by CityHeART

HeARTy Foods by CityHeART brings sack lunches and hot meals to local drop-in centers and shelters.

Vision: by developing community partners who support the goal of feeding the hungry, we will facilitate the repurposing of left-over food items and utilize itemized donations from the kindness of our neighbors in order to provide meals across our city.

***Recurring Meals Offered:

  • Mondays: 11:30 a.m. at Beacon for Him Ministries
    • Interested volunteers can email for location and details on meal prep
  • Tuesdays: 11:30 a.m. at the Multi-Service Center of Long Beach
    • Interested volunteers should arrive at the MSC at 10 a.m. for meal prep
  • Third Friday of the Month: 6 p.m. at Century Villages at Cabrillo
    • Interested volunteers should arrive at CVC at 4 p.m. for meal prep (email for location details)

***We also periodically provide meals for special occasions and holidays. Email for details on our Thanksgiving Meal and how to help!

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