Safe Refuge Art Workshop Series, Spring 2016

CityHeART brought a six-week art workshop to Safe Refuge, formerly known as the Substance Abuse Foundation (SAF).

Using art as a therapeutic tool on the road to recovery, CityHeART led a variety of art workshops for the clients going through treatment episodes at Safe Refuge.

Ariana Sawyer leads a writing workshop for clients going through their treatment episodes at Safe Refuge on Sunday Feb. 28. Photo by Karen Maia Sawyer

Every Sunday, CityHeART-ists arrived at the Safe Refuge campus on 7th Street in Long Beach. From 9 a.m. until about lunch time, Safe Refuge clients created art projects that ranged from poetry, to mandala drawing, to papier-mâché. At the end of this six-week project, CityHeART and Safe Refuge collaborated to host an event that gave the participants a chance to share their work with the community.

Thank you to the CityHeARTists who volunteered time to lead workshops with Safe Refuge!

  • Ariana Sawyer — writing workshop
  • Lou Lawton — visual arts/mask making workshops
  • Amanda Willis — mandala-drawing workshop
Amanda Willis leads a mandala drawing workshop on Sunday Feb. 21 at Safe Refuge. Mandala drawing is an art form that comes from India; a mandala is a geomoetric, symmetrical representation of the universe. Photo by Izzy Matos

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